[KRDOC-20] Create a list of Configuration Parameters available in Rice so that we can document them Created: 06/Apr/09  Updated: 12/May/09  Due: 08/Apr/09  Resolved: 12/May/09

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We need to generate a list of all of the configuration parameters in Rice so that we can include them in the documentation.

The easiest way to find all of these will be to trace these back to calls to org.kuali.rice.core.Config.

In particular, the following methods on that class:


Ideally, most of the parameter names will be represented in some constants class (i.e. RiceConstants, KewConstants, KimConstants, etc.)

We need to put these in some form (spreadsheet or confluence page) and then send that to Innovativ. Each one should include:

parameter name
default value
required - indicates if the parameter is required or not (like some of the database-related configuration parameters)
module - keep in mind that some of these may be global and not specific to a module
whether the parameter is client, server or both - some configuration parameters are only used in the context of the standalone server

Comment by Eric Westfall [ 06/Apr/09 ]

Added frank and joe as watchers.

Casey, Frank is working on the install guide right now and trying to complete it by the end of the week so I'd like to get this together for them as soon as possible. I was thinking it hopefully shouldn't take you more than a couple of days to compile this list. Do you think this will be possible?

Comment by Eric Westfall [ 06/Apr/09 ]

Casey's going to start here by just getting a list of the parameter names together. We can fill in descriptions from what is currently existing in the documentation and figure out from there what is missing and what is unnecessary.

Comment by Aaron Hamid (Inactive) [ 06/Apr/09 ]

For what it's worth, at one point we started this here: https://test.kuali.org/confluence/display/KULRICE/Configuration+Parameter+Documentation I'm not sure if it's of any use now.

Comment by Casey Boettcher (Inactive) [ 06/Apr/09 ]

Many thanks. It's a great starting point.

Comment by David Elyea [ 06/Apr/09 ]

Is part of this work going to be to remove unused parameters from all our config files (template, example, or otherwise)? I know for a fact that almost all of the example files and template files hold values that no longer need to be set.

Also, are we going to distinguish in the list which parameters are 'required', such as the database url.

Comment by Eric Westfall [ 06/Apr/09 ]

Good point on the required, I added that.

However, this task is not to go through and clean up unnecessary configuration parameters from some of our existing files. The work represented here is purely an exercise for documentation purposes to identify all of the configuration parameters the we have available.

Comment by Casey Boettcher (Inactive) [ 06/Apr/09 ]

Recall that we discussed the possibility of properties both declared and init'd programmatically, without reference to an xml or properties file. This does indeed occur in BaseConfig's loadDefaults() method.

Comment by Casey Boettcher (Inactive) [ 08/Apr/09 ]

Attached preliminary list of parameters

Comment by Casey Boettcher (Inactive) [ 09/Apr/09 ]

Need to include common-config-defaults.xml in context, but Mylyn seems broken

Comment by Casey Boettcher (Inactive) [ 10/Apr/09 ]

Updated spreadsheet to include common-config-defaults.xml and rice-config.xml sample in ./web/src/main/config/example-config

Comment by Casey Boettcher (Inactive) [ 22/Apr/09 ]

Updated the attached spreadsheet to include the 1500+ parameters that were gathered programatically. These are on the third sheet (labeled "recoder"). The first sheet contains global variables and user-defined parameters gotten from various xml configuration files (common-config-defaults.xml and rice-config.xml). The second sheet (labeled "KEW") was a feeble attempt to complete the task of consolidating and annotating the parameters manually.

These files were parsed:


The code used to parse the files above is in the attached tarball.

Comment by Casey Boettcher (Inactive) [ 22/Apr/09 ]

The Spring files should be parsed and added to this spreadsheet as well.

Comment by Casey Boettcher (Inactive) [ 12/May/09 ]

Collected all properties listed in the following files:


see sheet labeled Spring

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