[KSENROLL-3376] Manage Reg Group Page: Breadcrumbs problem Created: 10/Oct/12  Updated: 02/Aug/13  Resolved: 26/Feb/13

Status: Closed
Project: KS Enrollment
Component/s: PDT - Backlog
Affects Version/s: M5
Fix Version/s: M6
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Type: Bug Fix Priority: Major
Reporter: Dan Symonds (Inactive) Assignee: Michael O'Cleirigh
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Labels: breadcrumbs
Remaining Estimate: 1 week
Time Spent: Not Specified
Original Estimate: 1 week

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Issue Links:
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KS Planned Priority: 9 - Not Applicable
KS ENR Functional Area: Course Offering
Epic Link: FR-13 Reg Groups


Breadcrumbs are displaying improperly

MPG: Evaluate related screens as part of our project-wide effort to fix page titling and breadcrumbs in order to provide meaningful and working links in the breadcrumbs across the application.

Comment by Cassy Beekman (Inactive) [ 10/Oct/12 ]

This is a dup of KSENROLL-2255, in that the problem is the same as the one reported there. I am going resolve this one as duplicate, but re-open KSENROLL-2255 with a link to this, for jira consistency.

Comment by Cassy Beekman (Inactive) [ 10/Oct/12 ]

Duplicate of KSENROLL-2255

Comment by Cassy Beekman (Inactive) [ 10/Oct/12 ]

Venkat: this jira is for the Manage Reg Groups page breadcrumbs. If this is basically the same fix as KSENROLL-2255, please go ahead and fix. If it involves more investigation or deeper code work, please assign to dan E.

Comment by Venkat PremChandran (Inactive) [ 10/Oct/12 ]

I couldnt reproduce this issue in local and env2. I think I'm missing the correct path to reproduce this issue.

Dan, If you can reproduce this one, please let me know or the steps for that

Comment by Bonnie Huang (Inactive) [ 11/Oct/12 ]

Venkat, I can reproduce the problem. here is the steps: on env10 or env2, click
Enrollment Home--> Manage Course Offerings
input term=20122, Course=CHEM238, click show, click Manage Registration Group,
click "Create New Cluster", input something to create a new cluster, after successfully create a new empty cluster, you will see the breadcrumb changes to Home » Manage Course Offerings » Home » Manage Course Offerings » Manage Registration Groups

click Delete to delete a cluster will cause the similar problem. I am wondering if this is related to Dialog lightbox...
Looks like it might be the case. I have tried "Generate Registration Groups" button, which will create a default cluster, move all unassigned AOs in and then create all RGs-- no Dialog involved and breadcrumb looks fine
I also try "remove" an AO from cluster or assign an AO to a cluster. Breadcrumbs looks fine for both operations....
So maybe it is a krad issue related to Dialog...

Comment by Bonnie Huang (Inactive) [ 11/Oct/12 ]

ok. I just play krad m3 demo server and it turns out Dialog Test page has the same problem. http://env10.rice.kuali.org/kr-krad/dialog-configuration-test?viewId=DialogTestView_KNS&methodToCall=start

Comment by Bonnie Huang (Inactive) [ 11/Oct/12 ]

Looks like krad team has fixed this problem in the latest version: http://env2.rice.kuali.org/kr-krad/dialog-configuration-test?viewId=DialogTestView_KNS&methodToCall=start So maybe we only need our rice m4 upgrade...

Comment by Venkat PremChandran (Inactive) [ 11/Oct/12 ]

Thanks Bonnie, yes, I can reproduce this issue and it's a krad bug with dialog

Comment by Bonnie Huang (Inactive) [ 11/Oct/12 ]

play with Dialog Test on http://env2.rice.kuali.org. The overall breadcrumbs has been improved dramatically. But still occasionally, the breadcrumbs looks weird such as
Home »
Dialog Test View »
Home »
Dialog Test View

and it can be reproduced! So still needs to file a krad bug, I think.

Comment by Bonnie Huang (Inactive) [ 11/Oct/12 ]

Brian or Jerry has requested to deploy m4 to env10. It looks like breadcrumbs issue is not fixed in m4 at all. But it does get dramatic improvement on rc1 (http://env2.rice.kuali.org/). so we will continue experiencing breadcrumbs issue in the near future after m4 upgrade.

Comment by Michael Passarella-George [ 11/Oct/12 ]

I am incredibly hesitant to upgrade the demo branch to Rice M4 this close to when the demo will happen. Therefore, I am removing the kd12-demo tag.

Comment by Michael Passarella-George [ 11/Oct/12 ]

Promoted to issue and away from parent ticket 3379 since this is no longer critical to KD12 demo.

Comment by Michael Passarella-George [ 12/Dec/12 ]

Marked as Flag to Discuss to get a holistic perspective on breadcrumb issues

Comment by Michael Passarella-George [ 12/Dec/12 ]

Moved to backlog.

Comment by Michael Passarella-George [ 02/Aug/13 ]

Assigning fixVersion of M6 based on resolution date falling between 10/29/2012 and 4/25/2013.

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