[KULRICE-2695] Create a rice-sample-applications repository in SVN and update sample embedded and thin client examples from 0.9.2/0.9.3 and put them in there Created: 20/Feb/09  Updated: 03/Oct/14  Resolved: 05/Jun/09

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Project: Kuali Rice Development
Component/s: Documentation, Quality Assurance, Sample Application
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Fix Version/s: 1.0

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Reporter: Eric Westfall Assignee: Peter Giles (Inactive)
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Rice Team: QA


We need to update our existing sample applications to validate that there aren't any issues in Rice 1.0 with configuration. There are some existing sample clients that we can work with at the following location:


We should first create a new svn repository called rice-sample-applications (will need to work with Farooq or Eric on this)

Then create a branch under this called "rice-release-1-0-0-br"

Then we should copy the existing sample clients into it and update them for Rice 1.0. Initially i'm mostly concerned with the embedded client application and the thin client application initially.

As part of this process we need to create documentation on:

1) How to configure an embedded Rice client - this should be written from the perspective of creating an embedded rice application that points to a standalone server database where the application and the standalone rice server databases are separate.
2) How to configure a thin Rice client - in this case we are referring to a Rice application that uses thin client integration (direct service calls, no embedded workflow engine) to communicate with the Rice standalone server

We will want to take note of any bugs in this setup, it's different than how our sample application and how KFS development environment works.

Comment by Eric Westfall [ 20/Feb/09 ]

I mis-assigned this to Jeremy at first. Garey is going to be involved at looking at KFS standalone integration so I think this task would best be assigned to him.

Comment by Eric Westfall [ 15/Mar/09 ]

Repository for rice sample applications is:


Comment by Eric Westfall [ 20/Mar/09 ]

The sample-embedded-client application has been update to rice 1.0 and checked in at the following location:


Comment by Eric Westfall [ 22/Apr/09 ]

Re-assigning to Peter. The sample-thin-client is the only part of this still remaining to be done.

Comment by Peter Giles (Inactive) [ 08/May/09 ]

I've got this running against my local rice-impl-0.9.4-SNAPSHOT.jar. Things left to do:

  • Move the thin client changes out from my 0.9.4 rice branch to the 1.0 branch, check it in.
  • change pom to depend on rice-impl 1.0
  • change hard coded paths in *.jsp to instead use config properties or some such.
  • tidy up config files.
  • create the repo and 'svn add' the project.
  • create wiki docs for the thin client configuration.

Editorial note: this project depends on rice-impl, so all the rice project dependencies are required. That is a bummer since (I am guessing) only a small subset of those libraries are used in thin client mode.

Comment by Peter Giles (Inactive) [ 15/May/09 ]

Committed to https://test.kuali.org/svn/rice-sample-apps/sample-thin-client/branches/rice-release-1-0-0-br/

  • Still need to create wiki docs
  • There are some bugs to work out with running the sample thin client app.
  • It works to create and do actions on workflow documents before ingesting the sample-thin-client-?.xml files, but after ingestion there are NPEs on the thin client side, and "org.kuali.rice.kew.exception.WorkflowRuntimeException: Could not locate PostProcessor in this JVM or at service namespace TRAVEL: edu.sampleu.thinclient.workflow.STCPostProcessor" on the server. Maybe I over-pruned the configuration?
Comment by Peter Giles (Inactive) [ 04/Jun/09 ]

Drafted a wiki doc on thin client configuration here: https://test.kuali.org/confluence/display/KULRICE/Configuring+a+Rice+Thin+Client

Looks to me like all that remains to be done is to document how to configure an embedded Rice client. Who gets to do that?

Comment by Eric Westfall [ 05/Jun/09 ]

That will be done as part of what Innovativ is doing. So I'm going to go ahead and resolve this. Thanks Peter!

Comment by Eric Westfall [ 17/Aug/09 ]

Bulk change of all Rice 1.0 issues to closed after public release.

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