[KULRICE-276] consolidate rice web content under common root or other permanent solution Created: 01/May/07  Updated: 22/May/07  Due: 18/May/07  Resolved: 22/May/07

Status: Closed
Project: Kuali Rice Development
Component/s: Configuration, Development
Affects Version/s: KFS Release 2.0
Fix Version/s: KFS Release 2.0

Type: Bug Fix Priority: Major
Reporter: Ailish Byrne Assignee: Nate Johnson (Inactive)
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Application Requirement:


we're doing something with rice upgrades that is similar to what we do for workflow.
<target name="unzip-rice-web-content" depends="init-project-properties">
<unzip src="$

{work.directory}/rice-web-content/sampleapp-0.9-SNAPSHOT.war" dest="${work.directory}

/web-root" overwrite="true">
<include name="css/*.css" />
<include name="images/*" />
<include name="scripts/*.js" />
<include name="jsp/core/*.jsp" />
<include name="WEB-INF/tags/*/.tag" />

however, with workflow we copy in a zip during the upgrade process, that is then extracted to work/web-root-en during the dists. since the rice web content does not have a separat common root, it is indistinguishable from kfs web content. so, we can't purge the old rice content before bringing in the new and will probably end up with junk over time. ideally this would be done sooner rather than later

Comment by Brian McGough (Inactive) [ 01/May/07 ]

I think this is a very good suggestion and something we should definately do sooner rather than later as well.

Comment by Aaron Godert (Inactive) [ 07/May/07 ]

Other things to think about...


That sounds good. I was trying to think of how some other frameworks
handled this. Struts itself has its tag files in a jar right? But those
are not jsp 2 tags and have a tld which we extract. Maybe you guys could
provide a web zip file that pushes all the web content into the correct
place. But that would assume all projects follow the same structure.
You're right, no good answers!


----Original Message----
From: Kirkendall, Ryan A
Sent: Sunday, May 06, 2007 8:23 PM
To: Neal, Jerry K; Byrne, Ailish M
Cc: 'Aaron Godert'
Subject: RE: max file upload size

These are good questions and there are no good answers.

For now the struts config and web content must be extracted, arranged
and managed in the application web app. Eventually, it'd be good to get
to a struts module style config like workflow is using.

Something I've thought about:

Putting the mvc struts config stuff in the DD directly to save the step
of the struts config all together.


----Original Message----
From: Neal, Jerry K
Sent: Sat 5/5/2007 6:42 PM
To: Byrne, Ailish M
Cc: Kirkendall, Ryan A; 'Aaron Godert'
Subject: max file upload size


For the maximum upload file size, do we want to implement something
globally? You can specify a maximum file size for Struts in the config

<controller processorClass="org.apache.struts.action.RequestPr ocessor"

The size can be expressed as a number followed by a "K", "M", or "G",
are interpreted to mean kilobytes, megabytes, or gigabytes,
respectively. No
suffix is taken as bytes

I was wondering, how is our struts configuration merged with Rice?
Looks like we still have the configuration for the core still in our
struts config. I noticed also the core JSP files are still in place and
other web files. Will Rice applications have to include copies of the
core config, JSP, tags, images and so on? I copied the Rice guys for
their feedback as well.



Comment by Nate Johnson (Inactive) [ 22/May/07 ]

The rice content is now separate in a kr struts module. The rice tags are in WEB-INF/tags/kr. Most of the struts-config.xml mappings, actions, etc are now out of the kfs struts-config.xml because it is a module. There will likely be other things we find that we can move from one project or the other over the next few weeks.

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