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There are a couple of issues here:

1. Why is a sample version of rice-config.xml not included in the non-sample app distribution of the standalone server? I cannot think of a good reason to exclude it.
2. Among the currently included parameters, which are specific to KFS/IU and which are kruft?

Plan is to take the wsa131 copy of the file, put it in the web module, and use maven to filter it on a per-profile basis such that the standalone gets a generic version, the sample app gets a sample-app version and the wsa131 profile creates a flavor for the IU environment.

Comment by David Elyea [ 01/Apr/09 ]

Hey Casey... just had a couple notes below for your questions. I wasn't sure if you were speaking for the was131 server specifically or just speaking in general terms. In terms of the wsa131 rice-config.xml file i think it needs to be reset. The actual rice-config.xml file that needs to be set now for 1.0 can be much smaller than the file that's attached to this issue. We now use the common-config-defaults.xml file to default a lot of these. The wsa131 file should use the existing rice-config.xml template file (see the question 1 comment below) and then we should probably build it up based on some of the paramters that the wsa131 server builds specifically need.

Question 1:

I think there is a rice-config.xml sample file in the rice source code in /web/src/main/config/example-config. I believe the intention is to have it there in the source code and then in the documentation we'll be delivering with 1.0 about how to configure a standalone server and what properties can go in which files and also where Rice looks for config files external to the war file for the standalone server.

Question 2:

My assumption here is that you're talking specifically about the wsa131 server file so you might need some assistance that i can't give to figure those out. As for what's in the rice-config.xml file inside the source code of rice in the web module, there shouldn't be any KFS/IU specific pieces there. =o)

Comment by Casey Boettcher (Inactive) [ 02/Apr/09 ]

The problem here is that, with URL-related parameters in common-config, the test server somehow generates URLs with localhost for the machine name. Not sure why this is--I'm thinking it's the result of two things:

  • code within the application that is redirecting requests
  • code that is relying upon the presence of certain paths within URLs

I'm of the opinion that any redirection within the application is a kludge. URLs given the client should be the URLs that satisfy the client's requests; we're generating them programatically in the first place. Why introduce complexity when none is needed? If it is needed, then there's a flaw in design that needs to be addressed.

That said, if redirection is a temporary fix to accommodate code that will be going away prior to the release of 1.0, I'll mark this issue as relying upon the removal of that code.

Moving forward, I'm going to put this issue and the testing of the standalone server on hold until we get closer to the end of QA for 1.0

Comment by Casey Boettcher (Inactive) [ 18/May/09 ]

Added flag to rice-config.xml in project. Eric indicates that current version works.

Comment by Eric Westfall [ 17/Aug/09 ]

Bulk change of all Rice 1.0 issues to closed after public release.

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