[KULRICE-8866] Improved sessions support (restore when session dies, multiple user tab support) Created: 31/Jan/13  Updated: 12/Aug/13  Resolved: 07/May/13

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relates to KRRM-141 KRAD Phase 3 - Complete core features... Resolved
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is related to KULRICE-9219 Recent Items for History Open
is tested by KULRICE-9705 Create Smoke tests to validate Sessio... Closed
KULRICE-8427 Handling of Session Timeouts Sub Task Closed Jerry Neal  
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Comment by Matt Sargent [ 05/Feb/13 ]

Session support is lighter weight then complete a user preferences framework and will largely meet the needs that we've identified through M1-M5 design work, and recent ENR M5 Usability Study

Comment by Larry Symms [ 05/Feb/13 ]

Session restore. Save pertinent session info: current view, current page, history(at least last page), possibly current page form data.

Comment by Larry Symms [ 05/Feb/13 ]

Multiple user. We need the ability to act on behalf of other users (not only as if we were that user). The best example of this is advisors and registrars changing enrollment for a student on behalf of that student. Also need the ability to see exactly what the user is seeing without authenticating as them. In many cases students are blocked from registration and the registrar can't see the blocks so being able to act as that student allows them to diagnose exactly which blocks exist.

Comment by William Washington (Inactive) [ 20/Mar/13 ]

I read through: https://wiki.kuali.org/display/KULRICE/Improved+Session+Handling and I'm not seeing support for keeping user's state as described in the original requirements doc: "Would help keeping user state: disclosure states, Recent Items, search parameters, ordering of items." (From: https://docs.google.com/a/kuali.org/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AkWqIx6WhWnHdE5NMW5ZYmE3d2dzdTRMVUtyWGRNS0E#gid=12) Will this be a part of this work or another?

Also, are the comments Larry left above also to be a part of this work?

Comment by Matt Sargent [ 26/Mar/13 ]

Keeping a users state (disclosure of sections,. search parameters, recent items etc.)?

*Will retain collection states, disclosure, component state being maintained in current design. A closed tab will remain closed throughout the session until it’s changed by the user; validation will override that, but the general spirit is there.

*Sort order for collections isn’t currently retained, would have to look at that; might be tricky due to the data tables and client sidedness of collections.

*Recent items - seems like something we’d have to build into the framework, but would be very useful to the user. Views that you’ve visited at a minimum. History support done with path based breadcrumbs could help with that. This could be it's own JIRA we think.

Comment by William Washington (Inactive) [ 26/Mar/13 ]

The items that should be kept track of during the session are:

  • Disclosure states
  • Progressively disclosed/hidden items
  • Collection columns sort order
  • Search parameters

(Recent Items requirements are being defined here: https://jira.kuali.org/browse/KULRICE-9219)

Comment by Jerry Neal (Inactive) [ 09/Apr/13 ]

Hi William,

What about tab groups? Should we maintain the currently opened tab across session?


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