[KULRICE-8917] Iterate on validation framework UI Created: 05/Feb/13  Updated: 12/Aug/13  Resolved: 19/Feb/13

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Project: Kuali Rice Development
Component/s: Development, Roadmap
Affects Version/s: 2.2
Fix Version/s: 2.3.0-m1, 2.3
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Reporter: William Washington (Inactive) Assignee: Brian Smith (Inactive)
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Issue Links:
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Summary of Validation Changes Needed:

Initial Error State

  • Change "This form has errors" dialog to growl error message.
    • Page should scroll to the top of the page
  • Make configurable the behavior that scrolls users to the top of the page when doing any server-side validation
    • Rationale: The adding of the collection item, since it writes to the server, can come back with a serverside error.
  • For collections that have a server-side error at the time of add-line, don't scroll the page and put focus on first field of the add line with the error.

Window Title

Page Title

  • Add flag to turn off Page Title summary (e.g. 9 errors)
    • Have off by default

Page-Level Summaries

  • Add flag to turn off page summary text (e.g. This page/section has 9 errors & 18 other messages), or to make text configurable.
    • Have on by default
  • If the page has only one field with an error, it would be best to simply show the error icon and the error message text (which is a link to field). In this case no page summary text or section-level summary text should be shown within the page-level summary.
  • When section-level summaries are turned off, remove the section summary link (i.e. "The "Section 1" section has 7 errors & 14 other messages') and simply display the collection of field messages. The same should be true in the Section-SubSection relationship.

Section-Level Summaries

  • Sections that have validation messages should be expanded by default.
  • Section summary links within the page-level summary should put focus on the first field that has an error in that section. As an alternative, focus can be placed on the link within the section-level summary for the first field with an error.

All Summaries

  • Resolve page "jumping" when client-side errors are fixed.
    • Keep client-side errors and error summaries, but grey out and strikethrough once resolved.
    • After changing all errors in a section, the page-level summary will reduce the error count to zero, but not strike through the link to the section.

Visual Design Changes

  • Remove pinstripe background.
  • Add flag to turn off validation icons that displays next to field.
    • Have validation icons hidden by default.
  • Use background color for the summary with actual error text.
    • If section-messages are on, use backgrond color on Section Summaries.
    • If section-messages are off, then use background color on Page summary.
  • Use a 24x24px icon for the page-level summary.
  • Adjust size page-level summary to be closer to icon size.

Text Changes

  • Revise the summary link labeling. For example:
    • Remove brackets around the header message summary. So revise from "[! 7 Warnings]" to "! 7 warnings".
    • Revise the text from "The 'Section 2 Title' section has 2 warnings" to "Section 2 Title: 2 warnings"
    • Revise the text from "4 warnings before the 'SubSection 3.1 Title' section" to "4 warnings before SubSection 3.1 Title"


Notes from previous discussions: https://docs.google.com/a/kuali.org/document/d/1bLdzBM14lbxGGUS4RsHWYT41Ce3OEviLW4XBl3m6IEY/edit

Comment by Brian Smith (Inactive) [ 11/Feb/13 ]

Need to talk to William before beginning work to make we have 100% clarity before beginning work

Comment by Brian Smith (Inactive) [ 19/Feb/13 ]

Everything was changed to as listed except for "Test accessibility functionality of the validation framework with screen reader" since this is out of scope. A new jira needs to be created for this work/enhancement.

Comment by Brian Smith (Inactive) [ 08/Apr/13 ]

Looking at this list again, I cant remember if I verified/fixed "Sections that have validation messages should be expanded by default." Need to double check this.

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